Iowa City offers an abundance of highly skilled, hard working and economical tech support specialists. That’s great news for small businesses, startups, and those needing computer support at home.

We help connect you with some of the best talent in the area. Here are some of the services we offer.

  • CENTRAL DISPATCH. Use our central dispatch number, 319-621-4911, and we’ll help you find the right provider for your needs.
  • FREE WORKSHOPS. Signup to receive notices of free workshops on a variety of subjects, or request a workshop.
  • ONLINE SUPPORT. Online technical support guides, tutorials, and resources.
  • IC TECH TO THE RESCUE! If nobody else locally can help with your need, due to the complexity of the issue, special deadlines, or needing after-hours support. We will do our best to help out.

Eco Green Sustainability Efforts

Here are some tech choices that help the planet.

  • BICYCLE — When possible, service and products are provided by bicycle.
  • MAINTENANCE — As computers slow down, installing updates, removing unnecessary software, and the removal of malware can help speed them up and avoid the need for upgrades or purchasing new equipment.
  • LOW-TECH — Sometimes low-tech or no-tech systems can be an efficient alternative to expensive tech devices.
  • PAPER SCRAPS — Incoming postal mail is a great source for paper scraps. Any available scraps of paper are cut into usable note-size pieces and these are used for creating task lists and other notes. These can then be shredded and recycled when no longer needed. This ensures one more use of the paper prior to recycling. It reduces electricity use by utilizing paper instead of computers for basic note taking. Most envelopes can be repurposed as well, for sending postal mail.
  • PENCIL — Notes for checklists, documentation, planning, sketching, and other graphic visual tasks are typically written using refillable mechanical pencil.
  • REMOTE — Providing remote support reduces the impact of unnecessary travel.
  • SIMPLIFYING — Reducing the number of devices a person relies on can help reduce their environmental impact.
  • UPGRADES — An upgrade to more memory and a solid state drive can provide years of additional use.
  • USED — Instead of recommending new equipment, used equipment is recommended.
  • VALUE — It’s been observed that the best value with vehicles is to purchase a car with 3-years or 36,000 miles at a significant discount, and then selling the car after a few years and repeating the process. With technology, that approach is also a good value. Consider purchasing last year’s model, usually available new at a discount. Then use that for a few years before repeating the process. If you’re content with something that is fairly new, instead of the latest model, you can save a lot of money. This approach is also better for the environment because it leads to reduced consumption and less waste.

Locally Owned and Operated

Iowa City Tech is owned and operated by Greg Johnson. With over 30 years of experience providing tech support in the Iowa City area, Greg utilizes skills, resources, and efficiency to find economical solutions. Learn more about Greg through his website at