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Quick Answers are Free

For many callers, our free courtesy phone-based support is all that’s needed to solve problems quickly.

No Charge for Local Advice

With a few questions over the phone, we suggest your best support options depending on your location, product brand, warranty status, and other factors.

Complementary Support Guides

Free assistance is also available in the form of tech support articles on this site that can’t be found anywhere else. We offer buying guides, how to guides, and tech tips.

Tech Solutions When Needed

For problems that aren’t covered by a warranty, or answered easily over the phone, we provide an array of remote and on-site services to upgrade and maintain your computers and other technology for optimum reliability.

Tech Support That Supports the Planet

Our recommendations are guided by our mission to design and choose tech solutions that are easy on the environment. Whenever possible, we offer remote support that reduces travel. [Learn More]


Iowa City Tech is owned and operated by Greg Johnson. With over 30 years of experience providing tech support in the Iowa City area, Greg utilizes skills, resources, and efficiency to find economical solutions. [Learn More]

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