Iowa City has some excellent tech training options available to the public. This page offers a short list of a few well known offerings of courses and workshops. At the top of this page are resources from the Iowa City Public Library. Other resources are further down the page. If you’re inspired by the opportunity for community members to have access to excellent tech training opportunities, consider a donation to ICPL. [Learn More]

Kirkwood Computer Courses

The Kirkwood Continuing Education course catalog for Winter 2021/2022 is now available. You can find a scanned PDF with the pages listing computer courses here:

Iowa City Public Library (ICPL) Tech Courses

ICPL offers general tech classes, demonstrations of the library’s online resources, and classes on creating digital media projects that use the equipment and Adobe software in the Digital Media Lab. [Learn More]

Iowa City Public Library Digital Media Lab

“Want some help starting a digital media project like scanning photos, editing a video, or converting a VHS tape? A staff member can help you get started with a project, troubleshoot hardware, or show you what’s available in the Digital Media Lab.” [Learn More]

Iowa Workforce Development

Introductory courses for general computer operation are available through the Iowa Workforce Development initiative. [Learn More]

Friends of the Senior Center Courses

Occasionally courses are made available for friends of the senior center. Contact the center for details. [More]

Kirkwood Community College Tech Training

General tech training and digital literacy is essential for work and daily life. Traditional courses, such as those offered by Kirkwood Community College are a great way to get a thorough presentation of various tech topics. Kirkwood also offers degree programs. [Learn More]

Kirkwood Community College Primetime

“Enrich your life and build your sense of community with our Primetime classes! These classes for people ages 55+ are perfect to keep you exploring, moving, and discovering throughout the prime time of your life. Coming up soon: Investing in Retirement, Introduction to Theatre, Introduction to Photography, and Windows and Facebook basics.” [Source:]

Learn more about Kirkwood courses here