Regular Maintenance – Service and Training

Computers and other tech devices need regular maintenance. Without periodic care, you will likely end up with unplanned, disruptive, time-consuming, and expensive support and repairs. Read more about the regular maintenance plan and the training available so you can perform your own computer upkeep. [More]

Computer and Tech Device Support

When problems arise with computers or tech devices, support is available on-site, remotely, or through drop-off repair services. Meetings for support and training can also be at a convenient location of your choice.

Computer and Tech Training

If you would like to learn more about how to use your computer and devices efficiently, you can signup for individualized personalized training on-site, over the phone, or with screen sharing. Rather than learning in a generic classroom setting, you’ll be learning with your own devices and software. Group training is also available for couples or those who would like to train with others.

Computer and Tech Purchasing and Product Reviews

Trying to decide what computer to purchase? Need to know what printer will best serve your needs? Want help purchasing the right smartphone? All these and more are available for those wanting to make informed purchases.

Data Recovery

We can help recover files that have been accidentally deleted or are unavailable due to drive issues and other reasons. [Learn More]

Secure Data Scrubbing and Drive Disposal or Recycling Service

We offer secure hard drive disposal and recycling services. [Learn More]

Network Setup and Internet Support

If you’re having network or internet issues, some of these problems can be solved over the phone. Whether you use Mediacom, CenturyLink, or another service provider, on-site help is available for optimizing your wired and wifi network. A mesh network can help provide an even and fast network connection over a larger area that would typically be available with a single router.

Printer Setup, Diagnostics, and Training

The complexity of printers can result in a variety of issues including print quality problems, paper jams, network connection issues, and more. Training is available to provide guidance on printing, scanning, copying, and faxing as well as guidelines on how to print economically.

Video Services

We provide a variety of video services. [Learn More]

Web Design – Service and Training

Exceptional website design, redesign, launching, hosting, marketing, and training are all available through