Here are some common resources for computer purchase, upgrade, setup, and repair. If you’re interested in starting your own independent tech consulting business, visit the Start Here page.

Key Support Documents by Topic

  • Apple Computer – Empty Trash Taking Forever – Erase Drive to Save Time [View]
  • Apple Computer – Desktop and Documents Synchronization with Apple iCloud Drive — Considerations [View]
  • Apple Computer – Location of Apple DVD Player App Software Program in macOS [View]
  • Apple Computer – Setting up a New Apple Mac Computer as an Additional or Replacement System [View]
  • Apple Computer – Upgrade macOS on a 13-Inch Mid-2012 MacBook Pro [View]
  • Apple iCloud – Apple iCloud Drive Desktop and Document Files Sync [View]
  • Backups – Setup Guide for Time Machine Backup on an Apple Mac [View]
  • Cloud Storage – Three Levels of Cloud Drive Storage Use [View]
  • Contacts – Cleaning Duplicate Contact Entries for Apple Devices [View]
  • Data Recovery – Basic Laptop Restore With Data Recovery [View]
  • DreamHost – Email Account Setup for Mail Clients [View]
  • Drive Erase – Secure Erase of Hard Drive Before Donation or Disposal — Why and How [View]
  • Drive Disposal and Recycling — Secure Data Scrubbing and Drive Disposal or Recycling Service [View]
  • Email – Apple Mail — Show Missing Trash Folder [View]
  • Email – Better Spam Management for Desired Advertisers and Stores [View]
  • Email – DreamHost Email Account Setup for Mail Clients [View]
  • Email – Here’s why legitimate emails get marked as junk [View]
  • Email – Accessing Mediacom MCHSI Email with Microsoft Outlook [View]
  • Email – Network Solutions — Email Client Setup Configuration for New SSL October 2021 [View]
  • Email – Network Solutions Phishing Scam Fake Emails [View]
  • Email – Two Types of Spam and Junk Mail — Which Ones to Save [View]
  • Facebook – Business Suite and Customer Communications [View]
  • Facebook – Fixing the “Something Went Wrong” Error [View]
  • File Organizing – Naming Files and Folders — Start With the Date as YYYYMMDD [View]
  • Finance – Microsoft Money in Excel — Installation and Use [View]
  • Ford – Ford Maverick — Reference Guide [View]
  • Google Chrome – How to Update Google Chrome [View]
  • Gmail – Create Multiple Local Backup Copies of Your Gmail Emails — How and Why [View]
  • Handwriting – Scan Handwriting and Convert to Editable Searchable Text [View]
  • Hard Drive Recycling — See Drive Disposal and Recycling [View]
  • Health – Safety Considerations for 5G Services [View]
  • Health – Tech Tips to Protect Your Eyes and Ears [View]
  • Home Theater – User Guide for Operating a Samsung Smart TV and Home Theater [View]
  • Hosting Migration – Guide to Hosting Migration [More at Iowa City Web]
  • iPad Status Icons – The meaning of icons and symbols at the top of the screen [View]
  • Laptop as Desktop – Turn Your Laptop Computer Into a Desktop System — How and Why [View]
  • Laptop Restore – Basic Laptop Restore With Data Recovery [View]
  • Maintenance – Regular Tech Maintenance Checklist [View]
  • Mediacom – Mediacom Modem Replacement and Setup [View]
  • Microsoft 365 – Sharing Your Microsoft 365 Office Subscription [View]
  • Microsoft Billing – How to check details of Microsoft charges and subscription fees [View]
  • Microsoft Office – Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Outlook — Free, Rental, Purchase, and Alternatives [View]
  • Microsoft OneDrive – Using Microsoft OneDrive [View]
  • Network Solutions – Network Solutions — Email Client Setup Configuration for New SSL October 2021 [View]
  • PayPal – How do I change my PayPal email for receiving money? [View]
  • Passwords – Here’s why your password was found in a data leak on the dark web, and what to do about it. [View]
  • Photo Printing – Apple Photos — Upload to Walgreens or CVS for Printing [View]
  • Power Systems – Jackery 240 Battery Power Pack User Guide [View]
  • Power Systems – Low Power Computing During Power Outages [View]
  • Remote Support – The Increasing Need for Remote Support [View]
  • Samsung TV – User Guide for Playing a DVD on your Samsung Smart TV with Blu-ray Player [View]
  • Screenshots – Screenshots and Screen Image Capture for Apple iPhone and iPad [View]
  • Screenshots – Screenshots and Screen Image Capture for Apple Mac Computers [View]
  • Screenshots – Screenshots and Screen Image Capture for Windows Computers [View]
  • Secure Disposal of Old Tech – Best Practices for Secure and Sustainable Disposal of Old Computers and Tech Devices [View]
  • Security – How to Scan and Check Website Security and Reputation for Safety [View]
  • Security – Here’s why your password was found in a data leak on the dark web, and what to do about it. [View]
  • Simple Tech – Tech Advisory — The Need to Simplify for the Coming Year [View]
  • Square – Square Purchase Receipts – Change Your Email [View]
  • Supply Shortages – Recent news about tech industry shortages. [View]
  • TeamViewer – TeamViewer Remote Support Software — Installing and Using [View]
  • TeamViewer – Installing and Using TeamViewer for Windows – Feb 2022 [View]
  • Text Messaging – Sending a Text Message to an Email Address [View]
  • Thunderstorms – Why and how to turn off your computer during a thunderstorm. [View]
  • Video – Adjusting Video Resolution for a Secondary Display [View]
  • Windows 10 – Start Menu [View]
  • Windows 11 – 7 Reasons to Avoid Windows 11 Until 2022 [View]
  • Windows 11 – Check your TPM Version [View]
  • Windows BitLocker – Windows Startup BitLocker Recovery [View]
  • Windows Computer – Setup Checklist [View]
  • Windows Widgets – Windows News and Interest Weather Widget Pop-up [View]
  • Zoom – Fixing Zoom Audio Output Issues [View]

Buying Guides

  • Apple iPad Pro 11-Inch — Keyboard and Accessories Buying Guide [View]
  • Apple TV – Buying Guide for Apple TV [View]
  • Apple or Windows – See Mac Versus PC [View]
  • Bluetooth Mouse Buying Guide [View]
  • Chromebook – Benefits of Chromebook Computers [View]
  • Extended Warranties – Costco Computer and Tech Warranty Guide [View]
  • Hard Drives – Buying Guide for External Backup Drives [View]
  • Internet Service – Buying Guide to Internet Service in Iowa City [View]
  • Mac Versus PC – Apple and Widows Comparison [View]
  • Printer Buying Guide [View]
  • Smartphone Buying Guide – Guidance and considerations for purchasing a smartphone [View]

Product Reference Guides

  • HP ENVY 6455e Printer Reference [View]

Low Tech and Simple Tech Solutions

  • Benefits of using an iPad to simplify your life [View]
  • Using Pen and Paper to Reduce Printer Ink Costs – scan or take pictures of handwritten notes [View]

Eco-Friendly Products

Product Reviews

  • Video Conversion – VidBox Video Conversion for PC [View]

Fix-It Problem Solver Guides

  • Apple – Mac Magic Trackpad Haptic Feedback Suddenly Stopped Working macOS 11.6 Big Sur — Oct 2021 [View]
  • Apple – Wireless Keyboard — Fixing Sharp Edges and Dents [View]
  • Speed – How to Fix a Slow Windows Computer [View]
  • Windows – Getting Files From a Windows PC With Unknown Password [View]

Tech Strategy Guides

  • Simple Tech – Tech Advisory — The Need to Simplify for the Coming Year [View]
  • Simple Tech – The Power of Paper and Pen or Pencil [View]
  • Tech Culture — Understanding Tech Culture and Behavior Norms [View]

iPad User Guides

  • Bluetooth – Rename Bluetooth Device on iPad [View]

Consumer Notifications and Warnings

  • Network Solutions Phishing Scam Fake Emails [View]

The Model 1 Computer

This Iowa City Tech exclusive computer is assembled in Iowa City. [Learn More]

Regular Maintenance

We offer regular maintenance services, and also provide training so you can learn how to perform your own regular computer care. [Learn More]

Raspberry Pi — User Guides and Resources

In addition to the articles below, you can visit the primary Raspberry Pi User Guides and Resources page. [View]

  • CASES — Best Kits, Enclosures, Cases, and Cooling [View]
  • COOLING — Cooling and Thermal Management [View]
  • EMAIL — Installing the Thunderbird Email Client Software [View]
  • LINUX — Helpful Linux Commands [View]
  • PORTABLE — Portable Tablet, Display, and Laptop Enclosures [View]
  • PRINT — Setup Your HP Printer [View]
  • REMOTE SUPPORT — Installing TeamViewer for Remote Tech Support [View]
  • SCREEN CAPTURE — Installing Screen Capture Snipping Utility [View]
  • SPREADSHEET — LibreOffice Calc Spreadsheet Timestamp – Entering The Current Date and Time [View]
  • UPDATE — Update Raspberry Pi OS [View]

Tech Support That Supports the Planet

Our recommendations are guided by our mission to design and choose tech solutions that are easy on the environment. Whenever possible, we offer remote support that reduces travel. [Learn More]

Read “The Power of Paper and Pen or Pencil” for an example of how simple tech can be a better choice in many situations. [More]

Tech Training – Empowering Independence and Confidence

Our training programs are personally tailored to fit your needs and experience level. [Learn More] We also have a guide to Iowa City tech training courses open to the public offered by local agencies and organizations. [Learn More]

Iowa City Area Computer Sales

  • Best Buy – Coralville [View]
  • Costco – Coralville [View]
  • Staples – Riverside Drive in Iowa City [View]
  • Target – Coralville [View]
  • Target – Downtown Iowa City [View]

Those who take the time to buy locally, usually want to support locally-owned businesses rather than big box national chain stores. If you’d like a locally assembled computer, contact us and we will build you one.

Online Computer Sales

  • Apple – Artistically designed computers and other devices crafted from glass and metal. [View]
  • Apple Check Coverage – Check to see if your device is under warranty. [View]NOTE: Products purchased using a Costco VISA card may have an additional extended warranty added automatically at the time of purchase. This is not reflected in the Apple warranty coverage lookup.
  • Apple Support – Get support from Apple for your Apple device. [View]
  • Apple System Info – Check your system configuration and specifications using your serial number. Not affiliated with Apple. [View]
  • Dell – Computers and accessories. [View]
  • Dell Support – Enter your computer serial number to lookup your system configuration, warranty details, and find important software for your computer. [View]
  • HP – Computers, printers, and accessories. [View]


  • Firefox – Get the Firefox browser from Mozilla. [View]
  • Google Chrome – Get the Chrome browser from Google. [View]
  • – A free Microsoft Office alternative. [View]
  • Malwarebytes – Economical antivirus software that doesn’t slow down your computer.
  • Microsoft Office – Use the Microsoft Office suite of software for free online, or run the installed version on your own computers for $100 per year. The $100 subscription serves 6 people with 5 devices each. That’s 30 computers each having about $500 in software including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook, and 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage. So, all totaled, that’s $15,000 in software spread across 30 devices for $100. It’s a good deal. [Use Online | Buy Subscription]
  • Thunderbird – A great email client to manage your email. [View]


  • Crucial – This online vendor of computer memory and storage has a helpful software utility that can tell you what memory your computer needs and what your upgrade options are. [View]


  • Brother – Printers, labelers, and other devices. [View]
  • Canon – Printers, cameras, and more. [View]
  • Epson – Printers, projectors, office machines, and more. [View]
  • HP – Computers, printers, and accessories. [View]