Here are some common resources for computer purchase, upgrade, setup, and repair.

Key Support Documents by Topic

  • Chromebook – Benefits of Chromebook Computers [More]
  • DreamHost – Email Account Setup for Mail Clients [More]
  • Facebook – Business Suite and Customer Communications [More]
  • Gmail – Create Multiple Local Backup Copies of Your Gmail Emails — How and Why [More]
  • Maintenance – Regular Tech Maintenance Checklist [More]
  • Microsoft Office – Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Outlook — Free, Rental, Purchase, and Alternatives [More]
  • Microsoft OneDrive – Using Microsoft OneDrive [More]
  • Smartphone Buying Guide – Guidance and considerations for purchasing a smartphone [More]
  • Square – Square Purchase Receipts – Change Your Email [More]
  • Text Messaging – Sending a Text Message to an Email Address [More]
  • Windows Computer – Setup Checklist [More]

The Model 1 Computer

This Iowa City Tech exclusive computer is assembled in Iowa City. [Learn More]

Regular Maintenance

We offer regular maintenance services, and also provide training so you can learn how to perform your own regular computer care. [Learn More]

Tech Support That Supports the Planet

Our recommendations are guided by our mission to design and choose tech solutions that are easy on the environment. Whenever possible, we offer remote support that reduces travel. [Learn More]

Tech Training – Empowering Independence and Confidence

Our training programs are personally tailored to fit your needs and experience level. [Learn More]

Iowa City Area Computer Sales

  • Best Buy – Coralville [View]
  • Costco – Coralville [View]
  • Staples – Riverside Drive in Iowa City [View]
  • Target – Coralville [View]
  • Target – Downtown Iowa City [View]

Those who take the time to buy locally, usually want to support locally-owned businesses rather than big box national chain stores. If you’d like a locally assembled computer, contact us and we will build you one.

Online Computer Sales

  • Apple – Artistically designed computers and other devices crafted from glass and metal. [View]
  • Apple Check Coverage – Check to see if your device is under warranty. [View]NOTE: Products purchased using a Costco VISA card may have an additional extended warranty added automatically at the time of purchase. This is not reflected in the Apple warranty coverage lookup.
  • Apple Support – Get support from Apple for your Apple device. [View]
  • Apple System Info – Check your system configuration and specifications using your serial number. Not affiliated with Apple. [View]
  • Dell – Computers and accessories. [View]
  • Dell Support – Enter your computer serial number to lookup your system configuration, warranty details, and find important software for your computer. [View]
  • HP – Computers, printers, and accessories. [View]


  • Firefox – Get the Firefox browser from Mozilla. [View]
  • Google Chrome – Get the Chrome browser from Google. [View]
  • – A free Microsoft Office alternative. [View]
  • Malwarebytes – Economical antivirus software that doesn’t slow down your computer.
  • Microsoft Office – Use the Microsoft Office suite of software for free online, or run the installed version on your own computers for $100 per year. The $100 subscription serves 6 people with 5 devices each. That’s 30 computers each having about $500 in software including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook, and 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage. So, all totaled, that’s $15,000 in software spread across 30 devices for $100. It’s a good deal. [Use Online | Buy Subscription]
  • Thunderbird – A great email client to manage your email. [View]


  • Crucial – This online vendor of computer memory and storage has a helpful software utility that can tell you what memory your computer needs and what your upgrade options are. [View]


  • Brother – Printers, labelers, and other devices. [View]
  • Canon – Printers, cameras, and more. [View]
  • Epson – Printers, projectors, office machines, and more. [View]
  • HP – Computers, printers, and accessories. [View]