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Today I found a VidBox video converter among some old electronics. After getting some great customer service, I was able to get it working. This page offers a review of the product. [View on Amazon]

Finding a VidBox Converter

I found a VidBox analog to digital video converter today in a box with old electronics and cables while looking for a different analog to digital video converter that I normally use. I figured I would try to get the VidBox device working since I wasn’t able to find the other converter.

I’ve ordered and used many different devices like this over the years. I figured this must have been one of the units ordered a while ago, but I couldn’t find any paperwork, so maybe it was something given to me. As a tech support provider, I’m often given old electronics.

Customer service

The software requires a license key, so I contacted customer service through the VidBox website to inquire about getting a software license. I explained that I didn’t have the original receipt, packaging, or paperwork. Their support was very quick and helpful. They issued a license number and registered the device for me. I was really pleased to get nice customer service despite not having a receipt or registered the product.

VidBox Software

I’m using the product to convert a VHS tape as I write this review. As with some products like this, a person needs to decide at the time of purchase whether to get the Windows or Mac version of the software. I use both Apple and Windows computers, but figured I’d try the Windows software so I could use an old laptop computer as a dedicated video transfer station. I like that the software has an easy mode, advanced mode, and an audio mode. I’m using the easy mode right now. The VidBox Video Conversion for PC software is available on the downloads page of the VidBox website.


  • The converter box has modular cables, so USB power and RCA cables can be easily replaced if needed.
  • The converter box is USB powered.
  • The software is easy to use.
  • The software is easy to install.
  • Customer service is responsive.


  • When I convert poor quality VHS tapes from 30 years ago, the videos don’t look like 4K Blue-ray quality.
  • The software doesn’t have all the same features of Adobe Premier, DaVinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro.