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This document offers some suggestions for purchasing an Apple TV and related accessories.

Vendor Options

The Apple TV can be purchased at many big box stores and online stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, and Target. Selecting your preferred vendor is probably the best choice. To learn more about the device, or buy direct, visit

Best Buy in Coralville, Iowa

For purposes of this buying guide, we will consider what is available in stock at the Best Buy store in Coralville, Iowa. Here are some product links to the Best Buy pages. Note that the Apple TV comes with the required remote control

  • APPLE TV — Best Buy listing of in-stock Apple TV options, from $130 to $200 [View] Recommended configuration, 2nd Generation with 64GB storage, about $200 [View]
  • HDMI CABLE — You will need an HDMI cable to connect the Apple TV to your display. The HDMI cable carries the video signal and the audio. So, this is the only connection you should need for the TV. The cost will depend on the length of cable you need. As of 27 Oct 2021, these cables were on sale at half price at Best Buy. [View]
  • KEYBOARD — When searching, whenever you need to type the title of a show, movie, or topic, it is helpful to have a Bluetooth keyboard. The Logitech K380 is a good choice. At $30 it can switch between three devices. [View]

Connecting to Your TV

Let’s say you have a Vizio display. On the remote, in the top left corner will be an “Input” selector button. When you press that button, you will rotate through the available HDMI inputs. Choose the HDMI input that you used to connect the HDMI cable from the Apple TV.

Using Bluetooth Speakers or Headphones

The Apple TV can be used with Bluetooth speakers or headphones. Setup is explained on the Apple support page. [View] Alternatively, your HDMI cable connection to your TV will allow you to play audio through the TV speakers.