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The Apple Watch, priced at about $250 (Model SE) to $400 (Model 9), has a fairly rugged design to ensure durability in inclement weather and daily use for most users.

At about $800, the Ultra model has a larger more rugged case. Some people prefer the aesthetic and durability benefits of the Ultra model.

Best Buy has the older Apple Watch models on sale while supplies last, including the Model 8 for about $320 instead of $400. [View] Given the small incremental increase in price, the additional features, and the expected long-term use of the watch, the additional $80 may be worth spending for a newer model.

Watch Case ($14)

For about $14, you can purchase a case that will protect a basic inexpensive Apple Watch. [View] The case helps protect the watch from side impact. For those who find larger watches appealing, the case makes the watch seem bigger and offers more area to grip the watch when pushing buttons.

Watch Screen Protector ($10)

Screen protectors are typically available in rigid plastic or tempered glass. These sometimes do not fit well due to the slight curve of most devices screens. Also, rigid covers can break or crack, and they are difficult to remove safely without breaking them into shards that may cause injury.

A better screen protector option would be a soft flexible cover, available in a set of 3 for about $10. [View Example]

Screen protectors help prevent scratches and cracks. They also help protect a screen that is already cracked and in a more fragile state.

If this screen protector is placed on the watch prior to placing the case on the watch, the case can help hold the screen protector in place by securing the edges.

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Despite the potential revenue, the focus of this site is to provide unbiased impartial suggestions regardless of the potential for sales revenue. For example, lower priced items are often recommended over higher priced items even though the lower priced items result in lower potential revenue.