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In July 2022, Apple introduced the M2 version of the MacBook Air which has significant design and feature changes over the M1 version and previous models. A magnetically attached power cord results in two available USB-C ports. The faster M2 processor results in better performance. The slightly tapered wedge-design of previous models is replaced with a uniform slim metal design similar to the MacBook Pro models.


Follow these steps to configure the most practical selection of features for most people’s needs. The recommended increase in storage and memory will help you later by giving the computer a longer usable life and increased resale value.

NOTE: If you want, you can skip ahead to Step #3 and click the link in that step.

STEP #1 — Select MacBook Air M2

Go to this page and select the MacBook Air M2 by clicking the blue Buy button:

It will be the model shown with a price of $1199. That is the base price.

STEP #2 — Select Storage Configuration

After clicking the Buy button in Step #1, you should end up on this page with two configurations to choose from:

Midnight is the default color, but you can choose your preferred color before continuing.

Once you have a color selected, you will want to choose the 512GB SSD Storage option (the computer on the right) listed at a price of $1,499.

STEP #3 — Select Memory and Storage Upgrade

After following the instructions for Step #2, you should end up on this page:

You can choose an increase in memory from 8GB to 16GB for about $200.

Below that, you can choose a storage upgrade from 512GB to 1TB for about $200.

This will bring the price of the computer up to $1,899.

STEP #4 — Power Adapter

The power adapter preference will be different for each person.

  • The 35W power adapter has two USB-C ports and can be used to charge a phone or iPad along with the computer at the same time. It can also be used to charge two phones or other combinations of two devices. The 35W power adapter is physically smaller than the 67W adapter.
  • The 67W power adapter can only charge one device at a time. The additional wattage of the adapter can charge the computer faster than a 35W unit. It is a slightly bigger and heavier charger, but because the plug folds in it is fairly compact.

STEP #5 — Add to Bag and Choose AppleCare+

When you click the blue Add to Bag button at the bottom of the page, you will be given an option to choose an AppleCare+ plan, either $79.99 annually or $229.00 for three years. The $79.99 option may be best for people who tend to occasionally have accidents like drops or spills. That ensures you won’t end up being a few days past your warranty and encounter a problem.

STEP #6 — Review Bag

Click the Review Bag button and if you are ordering on “Cyber Monday” (November 28) you may see a $150 special offer as an Apple Gift Card.

The total should be $1,899 + $104.94 (tax for Iowa) to be $2,003.94.

Note that the AppleCare+ coverage of $79.99 per year may not be reflected in your cart if Apple plans to bill for that separately.

STEP #7 — Check Out and Payment

After reviewing the selected items, you can click the blue Check Out button to complete the purchase process by providing a method of payment, shipping address, and other details.