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Raspberry Pi – News and Resources

For remote support, TeamViewer software works well and it’s free for personal use. If you are installing TeamViewer for use on Raspberry Pi OS, you may get an error message that states: “Failed to install file. A package could not be found that allows the action to complete. More information is available in the detailed report.” The only option is to close the alert.

You’ll want to make sure you download the correct installation file. The error above occurred when using the TeamViewer Raspberry Pi installation file on a virtual machine (VM) with VMware on an Apple Mac computer with an Intel processor. The installation file that ultimately worked in that configuration was the 64-bit Ubuntu / Debian installation file from the TeamViewer Linux downloads page

If you have Raspberry Pi hardware, then using the Raspberry Pi installation file described above should work. Simply download the correct installation file, double-click the file to open and install the software.

Once installed, TeamViewer will show up under the Raspberri Pi menu (top left of screen) under Internet.