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You may notice some unfamiliar tiny icons in the top right corner of your iPad. If this happens, you may search the internet for insights into their meaning.

Standard Icons

When you search, you will find this helpful Apple support document:

  • Learn the meaning of the iPad status icons — This document lets you choose your iOS version from a drop-down list to have the most relevant reference guide for your device. [More]

Focus Icons

What’s missing from the above document are the additional Focus icons. Those can be found in the app on your device, and are further explained here:

  • Use Focus on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch — This document shows a list of the common focus icons for Do Not Disturb, Personal, Sleep, and Work. [More]

Work Focus Icon

The Work Focus icon looks like an ID badge, as shown below.

Work Focus icon

iPhone Status Icons and Symbols

There are some similarities between the iPad and iPhone icons. However, their placement may be different. For example, the Work Focus icon on the iPhone will show up under the time and date on the Home Screen, rather than showing up in the top right corner. This is due to the smaller screen on the iPhone. The following document offers more information.

  • Status icons and symbols on your iPhone — A guide to iPhone status icons. [More]