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Sometimes people share Google Docs in a way that makes it difficult for others to access them. This page describes how to share a Google Doc file for easy access by others.

STEP #1 — Blue Share Button

Open the file you want to share, and click on the blue Share button in the top right. You may be asked to name the file if it’s not already been named. 

STEP #2 — General Access

Under the drop-down for General Access, choose “Anyone with the Link” then click “Copy Link” and then click the Done button.

STEP #3 — Email the Link

Create an email message to the person you want to share with and paste in the link you just copied from Step #2 above. You can type a message to the person as you normally would, and say something like, “You can use this link to view the file.”

The link was created in a way that it will not block the person from simply clicking and viewing the file.