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If you subscribe to the My Best Buy Rewards program, in-store cash rewards will accumulate and be displayed at checkout individually with different amounts and different expirations. It’s important to review the list closely.

Key Points

Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • You can choose to use those cash rewards anytime prior to their expiration date.
  • It is important to look through your entire list of rewards since they are not in chronological order by expiration date.
  • If you do not pay attention to the individual reward entries, they may expire — thus causing you to lose perhaps hundreds of dollars.
  • If you have only one reward or perhaps a few, they may appear to be in order by amount or expiration date. As the list gets longer you will begin to notice the random order of entries.
  • When using rewards, choose an amount close to the total amount of your purchase, not including taxes or discounts. The reward amount cannot exceed the total. Larger reward amounts will necessitate a larger single purchase or many items that will total more than the reward amount.