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It’s sometimes helpful to refer back to a YouTube video ad, to share with a friend, or review details presented in the ad.

How to Obtain Ad Video URL

For some ads on YouTube it is possible to right click and choose “Copy video URL” to get a link to the video as shown in the context sensitive menu example seen below.

Some ad videos do not have the full context menu. Instead, a shorter menu appears as shown below.

The “Stats for nerds” option will provide the unique video ID that normally appears in the URL. It is shown in the sample window below as “Video ID” which is: LoMJYcB82tg

If you form a YouTube URL with that Video ID, the resulting URL will take you to the video.

In this example, the URL would be:

The short URL for YouTube is used in the example above, which is a music video rather than an ad, but useful for this example.

Further Reading

An alternate version of these instructions are available in the document “Get YouTube Ad URL for Sharing and Reviewing Videos” from 10 Sep 2023. [View]