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Chromebook computers are a type of portable laptop computer that uses the Google Chrome operating system and associated Google services.

Buying Guide

For specs and more details, check out the Chromebook Buying Guide from QRT3.


A Chromebook computer helps reduce or eliminate some of the most costly and time consuming aspects of computer ownership.

Here are some benefits of owning a Chromebook.

  • Availability. Chromebook computers can be purchased at stores like Amazon, Costco, Best Buy or Staples.
  • Economical. A fast and fully functional new Chromebook computer could be purchased for $200 to $250. A Windows laptop with similar responsiveness might cost $500 to $700. It’s certainly possible to find Windows computers in the $200 to $300 price range, such as the HP Stream, but these have limited memory, limited storage, and usually have a limited version of Windows.
  • Ecosystem. Apple computers and devices are known for their shared ‘ecosystem’ that replicates a user’s data across multiple devices. Google also offers a similar experience with contacts, calendars, documents, and more synchronized across your Chromebook and Android or Apple devices.
  • Fast. Chromebooks use a very efficient operating system that needs less processing power, memory, and hard drive space to function.
  • Low Power. Due to the efficiency of the operating system paired with diminutive hardware, Chromebooks typically use much less energy than a typical laptop or desktop computer. 
  • Portable. Chromebooks are typically slim and light, so they are great for travel. To get a slim and light Windows or Apple computer, you will pay about $1,000 or more. 
  • Secure. The operating system (ChromeOS) has integrated security features making the devices less likely to have viruses. [Learn More]
  • Simple. The Chromebook operating system is simple and designed to be used with the Chrome browser and Google applications for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. You won’t need to purchase Microsoft Office or similar software since those functions can be achieved using Google’s software.
  • Storage. Chromebooks use a solid-state drive that is typically faster and more reliable than traditional hard drives. For additional storage, it’s possible to use an external USB solid-state drive, or flash drive.
  • Synchronized. Personal settings and personal files can be automatically synchronized with Google Drive. This means they are continually backed up when you’re online. Also, you can get to them from your other devices. So, if you are without your Chromebook for some reason, you can still get to the files.

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