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Long-time customers of Network Solutions who use their email services have undoubtedly noticed the ongoing fraudulent emails attempting to trick users into providing their login credentials. There have been a resurgence of these emails in recent months. Anyone new to Network Solutions may not be aware of the problem and could be more susceptible to getting tricked by such emails.

The Problem Continues

Unfortunately, nothing is being done by Network Solutions to block these messages. Or, if something is being done, it’s not working. As of January 2022, the problem continues.

One would think that a system-wide firewall or detection mechanism could easily be configured to take action to stop the thousands of emails with similar subjects containing unauthorized use of the Network Solutions logo and asking users to click a button or link.

Lack of Consumer Warnings Makes Problem Worse

The problem is made worse by the absence of any warnings from Network Solutions. They send out renewal reminders for services (some services they preemptively automatically added onto accounts without prior consent). So, they apparently are willing to send emails to customers. Given this fact, they should be willing to send out a reminder email as many other businesses have done stating something like, “We will never ask you to click a button to login to your account and reactivate your email.”

Verify Authenticity

Always hover your mouse over any links or buttons to confirm that the link is going to the official Network Solutions website. In general, it is best to just go to the official site and login, instead of clicking on email links.

Sample Emails

Below are recent samples of these fake emails. In these examples, the items have been manually moved to Spam since they were not identified by Network Solutions as spam, and the recipient address has been removed for privacy.

Example #1 — Mailbox Termination Alert

Example #2 — Verify Your Email

Example #3 — Confirm Upgrade

Example #4 — Delayed Messages