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The Apple Mail program on Mac computers usually displays the Outbox when messages are being sent. Sometimes the Outbox will be displayed and get stuck showing even when no messages are pending to be sent.


The steps below may help fix this issue. These instructions are for Apple Mac computers.

  1. Right-click on the Outbox folder. It usually appears in the left column of folders at the top in the Mail program.
  2. Choose “Get Account Info” from the list of options that appear when you right click on the Outbox folder. This will reveal the account that is causing the Outbox to be showing.
  3. Click on the inbox for the account identified in the previous step. Send an email from that account to yourself or someone who you can send a test message to.
  4. The Outbox should no longer appear after the message is sent.

Document History

  • This document was created on 10 Jul 2023. At that time, the steps provided above worked when tested. Any changes or new information will be included here in the future.