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If you’re a small business owner, you should have a Facebook page dedicated to your business. Once you do, it’s possible to have more streamlined communications with customers including ad campaigns.

You may have noticed that the Facebook website provides access to your personal page, groups, and business pages in a simple single unified system.

Three Facebook Apps for Smartphones

However, on mobile devices, Facebook is split into several apps:

  • The standard Facebook app is what most people use for personal communications, and some management of groups and pages. [ iPhone | Android ]
  • Facebook Messenger is a separate mobile app for chats and communications with Facebook members. [ iPhone | Android ]
  • The Facebook Business Suite is an app that allows businesses owners a better way to manage their Facebook page and customer communications. [ iPhone | Android ]

Business Suite Website

In addition to the Facebook Business Suit app for smartphones, there is also a web portal to the business features. [View]

Social Media Management Systems

Online portals are available that let you better manage your presence, posts, and communications on multiple social media platforms. Hootsuite is an example. [Learn More]

These services can aggregate and analyze your social media impact, the effectiveness of campaigns, and your overall reach.

However, these social media management systems are sort of like a universal remote control for your home entertainment system. Universal remotes handle general tasks well, but you need the full-featured remote for specialty tasks.

So, with social media management systems, you will be able to handle basic tasks but you may still need or want the native interface provided by services like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.