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Read below to learn about available topics and courses. These courses are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users. Course length depends on the learner’s preference. Group training is available.

Computer Care and Maintenance

Computers and other tech devices need regular maintenance. Without periodic care, you will likely end up with unplanned, disruptive, time-consuming, and expensive support and repairs. Our training program will give you the tech skills and a maintenance plan to keep your computer and other devices running smoothly. [Learn More]

Microsoft Word and Alternatives

Learn how to use Microsoft Word effectively using the tasks you regularly encounter. If you’re interested, discover and learn about alternative programs, such as LibreOffice, to avoid paying annual subscription fees.

Microsoft Excel and Alternatives

Spreadsheets are a great tool for life or business management. Learn how to use Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice to sort and organize financial data, contact lists, inventory, client lists, invoices, equipment asset management, automotive maintenance logs, personal health data, renewal reminder lists, and more.

Email Management with Gmail, Outlook, and More

Email skills are an essential part of digital literacy and daily efficiency. Learn how to:

  • Use email rules effectively.
  • Use free services like MailChimp can help you communicate with larger groups of people.
  • Better manage and eliminate spam.
  • Share large files without attaching them to emails.
  • Make sure your mobile devices and computers are in sync.
  • Use the best email service providers and avoid using email from your current Internet service provider.

Security for Computers, Devices, and Networks

Just as there are preventable illnesses, most of the big security problems are preventable using some proactive practices. Learn some simple steps you can take to keep your devices and networks secure:

  • Find the best antivirus software.
  • Keep your router updated.
  • Keep Windows updated.
  • User your computer’s included update program, such as Dell SupportAssist or HP Support Assistant.
  • Get updates for other software.
  • Use a VPN for privacy and security.
  • Identify phishing emails.
  • Identify fake alerts.

Most of these items are covered in our regular maintenance training and our documents that describe best practices for setting up a new computer.

Microsoft Windows 10

Learn how to use Microsoft Windows 10 efficiently including device setup and networking.

Windows for Apple Users

If you’ve recently switched from Apple to Windows, or are beginning to use both, this course is delivered using familiar Windows terms to describe the Apple interface.

Apple Mac and Devices

Learn how to use your Apple computer and devices effectively. Find out what programs and apps are useful and which ones can cause trouble. Learn how to organize the computer layout for easier use.

Apple for Windows Users

If you’ve recently switched from Windows to Apple, or are beginning to use both, this course is delivered using familiar Apple terms to describe the Windows interface.

Tech for Small Businesses

Small businesses have unique tech needs. A preliminary assessment helps provide you with this personalized training program to meet your business needs. Learn how to:

  • Create merchandise with your business name and branding.
  • Find best sources for business cards.
  • Integrate your own photography in your
  • Scanning effectively with the correct software and settings
  • Setup and maintain a website.
  • Use card processing devices to accept payments in person.
  • Use online billing to accept payments using Square or PayPal

These are just a few of the subjects covered, and whatever other topics you want instruction on can be included.

Web Design for Business and Personal Use

Learn the skills needed to launch and maintain a website for business or personal use. This is a three-course series available from

Become a Web Consultant

If you’ve learned how to launch and maintain your own website, you can make use of those skills to help others or earn money building sites for people. This short session describes what additional skills and tools you’ll need to get started.

Become a Tech Consultant

Learn to become a tech consultant. Get personalized training from someone with 30 years experience as a consultant.

Free Public Courses

There are many public training courses available through local public libraries and senior living centers. [Learn More]