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We’re all familiar with the problems that thunderstorms can cause for computers and other home electronics.

In addition to damaging power surges from nearby lighting strikes, abrupt power outages can cause serious damage to computers.

If a computer is installing updates or saving files and the power goes out, the file system can get corrupted. Similarly, if the computer is in sleep mode, a power outage will be similar to unplugging the cord without properly shutting down.

A battery backup system for a desktop computer can help prevent damage from abrupt power outages, but such systems only provide power for 20-30 minutes on a typical computer.

When away from home or the office, or during a thunderstorm, consider powering off and unplugging devices to protect them from power surges and outages.

Battery powered laptop computers and other devices, while in use but not plugged in, are isolated from power outages or surges. So, this makes them a good choice during storms.