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If you setup a unique new email address dedicated to online stores, it will make sorting through messages much easier because you will have a predictable list of email senders.

Emails Incorrectly Marked as Junk

Today I was checking my junk/spam folder and found a total of 17 emails. Of those emails, all 17 were incorrectly identified as junk. They were from websites and stores that I had subscribed to.

Spam identification is largely based on crowd-sourced input. Every day, millions of people incorrectly mark legitimate emails as spam. Rather than deleting messages and unsubscribing, they mark the messages as junk. Eventually, the crowd-based learning process results in other people not receiving emails into their inbox. Instead the messages get placed in junk.

Email Filters and Rules Can Help

The Google Gmail system lets you create Filters. These Filters (called Rules in other email systems) can automatically file emails into folders or assign labels to new emails based on the sender address. This can help save your desired emails for later review without having them fill your inbox. If you use an email service other than Gmail, it may not have the ability to perform rules, so you may want to use an email software program that checks and helps manage your emails, such as Microsoft Outlook.

Benefits of Dedicated Account

Here are some of the benefits to having an account dedicated to newsletters and advertising:

  • SEARCH — If you are looking for a specific mailing or receipt, a search of the dedicated account can more easily produce that item without clutter from other emails.
  • SORT — If you have an expected and limited list of senders, when you sort or group on the sender names, you should end up with an easy to view breakdown from those senders.
  • SPAM — If there is spam, it will be easier to quickly identify because it will not be from the expected list of senders. You can add the email addresses of your expected senders, and the rest will be more likely considered junk.

Your Old Account

If you’ve been using an address for many years, it may already be receiving many mailings from organizations and businesses. Some people will shift their personal correspondence to a new personal email address and use their old one as the clutter account for mostly unimportant messages. This generally works, but may not be as clean and orderly as using a new account.

If you decide to slowly shift away from your old email account, you may still want to have an email client to check that account for you.


On any of your accounts, consider unsubscribing from any mailings you receive that don’t seem important. This is better than dealing with ongoing unending waves of emails you need to delete.