This page offers some suggestions for environmentally friendly tech products and supplies.

  • Charging Cables — From Bio-Based Materials. The exterior of these charging cables is built using bio-based materials from plants like corn and sugar cane. [View]
  • Charging Cables — From Recycled Materials. The Nimble – Eco-Friendly PowerKnit USB-C to USB-C Cable is made from made from REPLAY recycled aluminum and fabric from post-consumer plastic. [View]
  • iPhone Case — Plant Derived. The products made from Woodcessories are made from plant derived sources like wood as well as wheat and straw. [View]
  • Mouse — Ocean Plastic. This wireless mouse from Microsoft contains [Product Page | View on Best Buy]
  • Paper — Sawmill Waste. This paper from Elementree is made from sawmill waste chips with production powered by wind energy and hydropower. [View]

More earth friendly products will be added to this list over time.