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Follow these steps to create a WiFi hotspot using your Moto X smartphone and Google Fi cellular service.

STEP #1 — Settings

Go to the main Settings screen for the Moto X. Toward the top you should see Network & Internet.

STEP #2 — Network & Internet

Tap on Network & Internet, and on the settings page that shows up, tap on Hotspot & tethering.

STEP #3 — Hotspot & Tethering

On the Hotspot & Tethering page you will see some grayed out toggle switches. Toward the top of the page you should see “Wi-Fi hotpot” and under that “Not sharing internet or content with other devices.” This assumes you don’t have the hotspot on.

Tap on the text that says Wi-Fi hotpot. This will take you to the Wi-Fi hotspot settings page. Tap on the toggle switch to the right of “Off” and then the hotspot should turn on. You will be able to give your WiFi hotspot a nee and by tapping on Advanced you can reveal or change your password by tapping on the dots that hide the password.

STEP #4 — Connect

To connect to your phone as a hotspot, on your laptop computer, from the available WiFi networks, choose the network name that you assigned in Step #3 above. Then type in the network password from Step #3 above. You should now be able to connect to the Internet through your Moto X phone.