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This document lists some of the reasons you would want to choose RingCentral or a similar web-based phone service. In particular, this assessment is based on an office setting where all calls are being forwarded to an answering service.

Benefits of RingCentral

  • COST — Because there is no equipment to purchase and maintain, this saves money. The service cost for RingCentral when paid annually costs about $40 per month for two people. The two-person plan is $10 more per month than the one-person plan and includes 24/7 support as well as other benefits.
  • EQUIPMENT — RingCentral requires no phone lines, wall jacks, or additional equipment to operate. It works with your existing devices. This means there is less to break down or go wrong. For offices with remote users, and businesses that have all calls forwarding to an answering service, this is a great choice. This means you don’t need extra space on your desk for another gadget requiring a power cord and phone cord to operate.
  • SUPPORT — RingCentral offers support 24/7 with their $40 per month plan that covers two users. Toll-free numbers are available for the United States and other countries. [View Support Numbers]
    • The RingCentral Support page offers a variety of options for getting support, including the ability to open a case and get questions and problems resolved that way. [View Support Page]
    • As a global service provider, RingCentral is equipped to handle support 24/7 for their customers in multiple countries.
    • Your local phone company may be short staffed, and thus have long wait times just to talk to a customer service representative. Additionally, some local phone companies only offer support during weekdays (M-F) from 8AM to 6PM. So, if you’re having a problem in the evenings or weekends you will be unable to reach anyone. [Example]
    • Note that the basic RingCentral plan for one person is $30 per month and support is limited to M-F from 5AM – 6PM PT. Therefor, it is recommended to choose the $40 per month plan.
  • WEB PORTAL — Some phone services require a physical telephone device to forward calls and access voicemail or other functions. RingCentral provides a website portal, as well as apps, for accessing your account functions. This means multiple authorized users can access the system, including your tech support person, without needing to be physically in the office to change settings or diagnose problems.

RingCentral Main Pages and Links

Note that some of the services described below will not be applicable or used if you have all your calls forwarded to an answering service.

  • Account Setup – Start Here [View]
  • Contact and Support Page [View]
  • Forwarding Calls – Support Document [View]
  • Overview of Services [View]
  • Service Plans and Cost [View]
  • Support Portal [View]
  • Voice Over IP or VoIP Overview [View]