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YouTube has a variety of influencers and content creators who focus on technology. Some offer product reviews, and some offer more in-depth videos for upgrades and repairs.

This page is organized alphabetically by name. Most of the sample videos below show reviews of the Apple iPad. Some YouTube personalities use their name. Others refer to a channel name or business name. A recent video is offered with a link to the person’s channel where you can find more videos. Subscribing to the channels of people you find helpful can help you keep up with industry news. This is just a sampling of present-day creators who provide a professional polished presentation of tech insights and tips.

While you may not become a full-time YouTube creator, making how-to and tip videos is a good way to connect to your existing customers. If there’s something you find you are repeatedly showing people, you can create an instructional video of that process. Your customers will appreciate it, and your time will be freed up for other tasks.

DISCLAIMER: As you watch YouTube videos from content creators showing tech reviews, Van life reporting, vehicle reviews, world travel, and other glamorous activities, know that only a small percentage of YouTube content creators build a large subscriber base to sustain the views and revenue for a full-time income. While it’s not impossible, it certainly isn’t an easy guaranteed way to make money. It also requires a lot of sustained work and effort to keep going. It’s a full time job and then some.

Andrew Ethan Zeng

Here’s a nice review by Andrew Ethan Zeng from Jul 2022 of the MacBook Air with M2. [Video Link | Channel]


Here is an iPad review from 22 Sep 2021 by Dave Lee who runs the Dave2D YouTube channel. [View Channel]

Hayls World

Here’s an iPad review from 27 Oct 2021 by YouTuber Hayleigh, who goes by Hayls World. [View Channel]


Having launched in early 2022, itsHena is just getting started with 117 subscribers as of 28 Mar 2022. The cheerful delivery and thorough attentiveness on product reviews suggest Hena has the potential to be a popular YouTube personality. Below is the iPad mini 6 review by itsHena. [View Channel]

Judner Aura — UrAvgConsumer

With about 3 million subscribers, Judner has a good following. The video below is an iPad review from 14 Oct 2021. [View Channel]

Leila Gharani

In this video, Leila responds to questions from her viewers. [Video Source | View Channel]

Marques Brownlee

Here’s an iPad review by Marques Brownlee from 22 Sep 2021. [View Channel]

Noah Herman

Here’s an iPad review by Noah Herman from 19 Jan 2022. [View Channel]

Terren Rule

Here’s an iPad comparison video by Terren Rule. His other content is really good. [View Channel]

Terry Warfield

This is a comparison review of the iPad Air 5 and iPad Mini 6. [View Channel]

Thao Huynh

This is an iPad review by Thao Huynh from 6 Oct 2021. [View Channel]