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This page provides links to corded landline telephones available on the Best Buy website. Some of these are available for next-day delivery, and others indicate a delivery within a few days. Phones selected for this list are the lower priced models from a longer list of phones available. [View Full List]

Phones by Price

  • AT&T – TR1909B Trimline Corded Phone $20 [View Black | View White]
  • Cortelco – Itt-2400 ez Touch Corded Phone – White $27 [View]
  • AT&T – 210M Trimline Corded Telephone – White $30 [View]
  • AT&T – CL4940 Corded Phone with Digital Answering System – White $39 [View]
  • Cortelco – ITT-2554-V-BK Corded Wall Phone – Black $40 [View]

Buying Guide

Of the above phones, the Cortelco model for $27 has large buttons and seems to have a large secure base which would make it easy to position and use. The AT&T CL4940 for $39 has an answering machine for those who want that feature. For $30, the AT&T Trimline phone would be a good choice for those wanting a smaller phone.

Best Buy is suggested as a vendor as a convenience for those who may live close to a Best Buy store. Amazon or Target might be other places to look for corded phones.

NOTE: The above links are not affiliate links. They do not produce referral revenue.